Victor Sahate — Digital Designer

Digital designer and creative director. 25 years of experience on UX, art direction and design. 

I work with studios, agencies, artists and specialists to help brands and start-ups design their products, services and communications. My work is centered on how technology evokes beauty and has an effect on people.

Descomplica — Educação Sem Distância Master Brand Campaign 2021,  Watch The Film 

Descomplica — FastCompany’s Most Innovative Latin America, 2021 

Descomplica — The World Economic Forum’s most innovative use of tech addressing global issues, 2020 

Descomplica — New undergrad program visual identity. Partnership with MAKE, London

Google Play The World — The Webby Awards Best Navigation/Structure, 2017

Chief Design and Creative Officer at Descomplica, Rio de Janeiro
Descomplica has a big purpose: To make learning fun and for everyone. I’m fully committed to designing an education system through innovation, art and technology.

Interactive Creative Director - collaboration with Happy Finish, London
The exploration of virtual realities and artificial intelligence is a fascination. I’m loving the thrills of the virtual. Scouting around for new lands on UX, learning as I go. Thanks HF for the amazing time collaborating with the best in the field.   

Interactive and Design Director - partnerships
In general, I like to be involved in great ideas and creative partnerships. From anywhere, at any scale, regardless of formalities, together we release the beasts. Get in touch at

3 Cannes Cyber Lions
6 Brasil Design Awards
2 One Show Interactive Merit
1 FastCo. Brands That Matter
2 FastCo. Most Innovative Companies
1 The World Economic Forum Tech Pioneers
1 Red Dot Click Awards
3 Innovation By Brazil Awards
1 iBest!
4 Eurobest
3 Webby Awards
4 Creative Circle
2 Creativity Annual Awards
1 DMMA OnlineStar
11 FWAs
and 31 others

Work Published
The World Economic Forum
Computer Arts
The Telegraph
The Verge
Design Week
Hyper Island
and 34 others


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